Kieran McNulty

Hi, I'm

I am a Computer Science student with a specialized focus and drive for Embedded Software and Linux Development. Graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in December 2024


Software Develeoper Intern -
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

In my time at GA I created an automated testing tool to simulate flight scenarios for the embedded systems on General Atomic's unmanned air vehicles.

This tool created a streamlined process to turn hundreds of FAA provided test cases into simulated sensor input to the flight computer, and record and analyze behavior.

Working with a small team, we took this project through the software development life cycle from requirements gathering, design, and implementation, complying with rigorous certification guidelines.

Embedded Systems Testing

Linux Development

Linux Engineering Intern -
Wind River

My internship at wind river was a deep dive into the linux image building process in the Yocto Project and Open Embedded build system.

I enhanced the building of linux images through bug resolution and feature addition to a tool that automates the Linux image building process and makes it user friendly to create a custom image.

I also got experience interfacing with the Yocto Project open source community, getting multiple improvements to the project pushed upstream.

File Search

Implemented file searching for a linux device in C++, using pipelining and pipe redirection, signal handling, child process management, and interrupt service mechanisms

Systems Programming

File Processing

Utilized file I/O to read image data from disk, manipulate them in memory, and display them

High Performance Programs

Designed an efficient controlled parallel program for matrix multiplication and processing image files in C++ utilizing MPI with shared memory for distributed processing

Memory Management

Created memory allocation and memory freeing functions in C using Linux system calls


Just for Fun is a a data science tool for estimating the value of used PC components, as well as creating and sharing PC builds.

GenderBlend is a tool to see how much you listen to male, female, and non binary artists on Spotify